Le garage de Félix

Bike: a matter of soul and heart

Felix's Garage was born from my passion for motorcycles and beautiful objects. I've always been attracted by motorsports. Motorcycle or car, off road or on track, competition or freeriding, behind a starting line or behind the gate, fine mechanics, modern but especially old, have always held me in spelbound. Vintage and classic machines have this extra soul that distinguishes them from current production. For it really is a question about the soul! Of the bikes – but of Félix too.


So just who's Felix?. . . He is the one who taught me everything, who made me what I am, who instilled in me a taste for effort and work well done. He was both my father and my spiritual guide. That's undoubtedly why he keeps inspiring me. . .


Inspiration, creation or restoration, that's what we base our work on! We do not restore or recreate new machines by putting a little of our soul and a lot of our heart into them. With the exception of the "pure and hard" restorations, the bikes that come out of Felix's Garage only look very far from what they were. They return to the world as transposed, reflecting an obvious modernity. All are newer than new, but stamped with authenticity. They are the perfect fusion of present and past. Each one is a unique work that we certainly wouldn’t be able to duplicate.


I say we beacuse, even though I have an overflowing imagination for re-creating bikes from an other era and making them into untra-contemporary machines in the spirit of the times, this would be nothing without the almost religious input from Patrick. I write the melody, he sets it to music, to instruments, with mastery. Patrick is a true mechanic. In the noble sense of the term. He has worked for many years as a semi-factory endurance racing mechanic, perhaps the most demanding discipline in motorsports, as machines have to perform and last 24 hours at full throttle, at a time when engines died more often than they were supposed to.


He knows a lot about what makes a machine efficient and reliable. But beyond his technical skills, it is his mastery of the mechanical thing that makes him an exceptional bike builder. Not content to select and assemble the most beautiful pieces, he is able to create them if the need arises. It disassembles, it shapes, it welds, it files, it polishes, it rises, it adjusts to the millimetre, until obtaining a result that borders on perfection. And to achieve this, time is a precious ally. We don't count our hours. It is our love of things well done, and not the clock, that presides over any realization of the "Garage de Félix".


Don't expect an old-fashioned workshop full of oil stains. Our products are made from elbow oil and precision equipment. We work in a secret, modern place, both spacious and as clean as our bikes are well finished.


You will have understood, the motorcycles from the Garage de Félix are not only pleasant to the eye or the ear, they are created for running for a long time and offering their new owner the pleasure of riding an exceptional machine, without any second thought as to its reliability.


When an engine comes back to life, after long weeks in our workshop, a little of Patrick's heart beats within it, but also Felix's one. . . And if our achievements take your breath away, even for a second, by their purity, that’s just mean we’ve done a good job


Antoine FLORIO / Garage de Felix Founder & Inspirer