This Yamaha Flat Track differs from our other creations in that we did not start off from an existing base, as we mainly do, but have designed the whole thing from scratch, with the aim of creating an exclusive machine, suitable for Flat Track competition as it was practised in the ’70s.

We started out by looking for a frame suitable for accomplishing this project. So we picked one up from Cheney Engineering in the US. Regarded as the specialist in Flat Track on the other side of the Atlantic, Jerry Cheney offers a multitude of parts and components, including this 1970 Yamaha 250 and 350 Twin frame that we adopted as the basis for our work.

We added to this special order a number of other machined components, along with a set of 19" wheels that we will later fit with Maxxis Dirt Track Dtr1 tyres.

At the same time, we bought a 1979 Yamaha 250 IT so as to recover its engine and long-ratio gearbox, ideal for this type of machine.

The whole thing was completely stripped down and rebuilt. We took advantage of this to fit the engine with a brand new piston kit (standard bore size, it’s worth pointing out!).

The forks and the yokes also came from this 250 IT.

We had to machine several parts and make a great many modifications in order to be able to fit all this together nicely.

So as to fully respect the Flat Track spirit, we opted for a ’70’s Yamaha 250 DT2 tank. This wasn’t easy to find and also came from the US.

After assembling the whole thing for the first time, for checking, and then stripping it down again completely, we sent all the parts off for painting. The frame has a sturdy epoxy paint finish and the tank is decorated with a motif created by US custom clothing brand RIDE & SONS.

On receiving all these parts, we added a few ingredients essential for the proper functioning of our Flat Track, such as a carburettor and its air filter, an ignition system, a Brembo brake system, a chain kit, etc. All that remained for us to do was to carefully assemble it all again to achieve our initial objective.

This creation is now up for sale. It will prove a fearsome weapon on the Flat Track, but it’s so seductive that it might well end up on show in someone’s living room. Maybe even yours…?


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