This TIGER CUB came out in 1956, a successor to the 1953 Terrier 150, the first Triumph to have a combined engine / gearbox unit. It was intended to draw young customers just discovering bikes towards the make’s famous twin 500 and 650, of which it was an authentic replica on a reduced scale.

Cheerfully exceeding 100,000 units produced in its various versions, it enjoyed a long career and was equally at home around town as on the track, in motocross, or in trials.

Back then, we could have read: “satisfies the demand for a light, high-performance, very economical motorcycle. It combines all the modern characteristics of a larger-engined machine. Combined engine / gearbox unit, 4 speeds, rear suspension and brakes”

The French Army would buy around 15,000 special models, with trials box ratios, a larger oil pump, and strengthened chain.

Our August 1968 model, numbered T20B5644, came from the Army’s fleet of machines. Recovered in North Africa, it was converted into a trials version in England, before coming back to us to be restored in our workshop.


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