A little bit of history by way of an introduction: Triumph gave this name to the Bonneville in 1959, as a tribute to Johnny Allen, who achieved the record speed of 345 km/hr (216 mph) on a bike with a Triumph engine on the Lake Bonneville salt flats in the United States.

In 1988, after 29 years on the market and having known its hours of glory, production of the Bonneville stopped abruptly, in the face of the pressure of competition from the Japanese makers.

The Bonneville was re-born in 2000, once again enjoying popularity and inspiring new models right up to the present, thanks to its strong personality.

The timeless style and legendary character of the Bonneville were important elements we needed to take into account for this project.

For us, there was no question of changing the nature of this machine.

We just wanted to bring it up to date, very much in the spirit of the RIDE & SONS brand.

The base of our model is an 865 cc carburettor version from December 2007 with 36,500 km (23,000 miles) on the clock.

This version includes a multitude of fine detailing and exemplary build quality.

- Modification to the height of the fork

- Rear subframe modified

- BAAK components (headlight, handlebars, front mudguard)


- MECATWIN accessories

- 2WION (Shock Factory) shocks

- Custom two-tone paintwork

- Leather seat (Bouffort studio)

- Brushed engine casings

- Dunlop Trailmax tyres

It retains many of the ingredients that made the Bonnevilles such a success, while setting itself apart by a very particular personality.


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