Some simple objects become legendary just because they are in the spirit of their time. The Van Van was one of these. It came out in 1972, and set on its big wheels, with its big belly and large seat, the beast looks like some toy for grown-ups.


And since here at Garage de Félix we are still just big kids — otherwise, we wouldn’t spend our time putting together “toys” for ourselves and our pals — we’ve always been drawn to this little bike that conjures up images of laid-back dudes going to the beach.


Whether it’s for going to the ocean with your surf-board — or your blonde,  for that matter, who’d love the welcoming comfort of the Van Van seat — the little Suzuki enjoyed fantastic success with surfers and campers of all types.


This spirit of both “sea, sex, and sun” and “peace and love” is what we were seeking to rekindle through this project.


No major technical work on this project; we concentrated on fixing the surf-board, with the help of tubular elements fixed to the chassis, and colourful yet restrained decoration that would be in line with the bike’s fun, timeless spirit.


Our aim was mainly to create a little machine that was both friendly and attractive. All the same, we did opt for a front wheel identical to the rear wheel, for an even more rotund effect, and have modified the exhaust to create a twin tail-pipe, always intriguing.


As usual for us, even the tiniest components were removed, checked, and reconditioned, in order to have a reliable “play bike” with an almost new appearance.


All that remains for us to do is slip on our boardshorts and go test the surf at the helm of this pretty exciting little single-cylinder 4-stroke.


But even around town, far from the ocean, this Van Van from Garage de Félix is going to make heads turn.


Comme à notre habitude, la moindre pièce a été démontée, contrôlée, reconditionnée afin de disposer d’une « play-bike » fiable à l’aspect proche du neuf.


Il ne nous reste plus qu’à enfiler nos surf-shorts et à aller taquiner la vague au guidon de ce petit monocylindre 4 temps plutôt enthousiasmant.


Mais, même en ville, loin de l’océan, cette Van Van du Garage de Felix fait tourner toutes les têtes.


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