Why do scramblers exercise such a power of attraction over most of us?

Doubtless because they symbolize Freedom with a capital F, with a dual personality as a universal bike, fast on and off road.

Faced with the prospect of a quiet afternoon out on your bike, far from the stresses of daily life, it’s difficult to know where your mood will take you. On or off road? Why not both? It’s great to be able to allow yourself to go where the fancy takes you, with no restrictions on ground clearance or choice of tyres.

That’s exactly what inspired us for this new Garage de Félix project. To produce a bike that is simple, easy, versatile, and… bewitching.

So we started off from the base of a 1995 Kawasaki KLR 650. Its twin cam and liquid cooling set it apart from its competitors of the period, making it quite sporty on the engine side. What’s more, it turned out to be a very solid frame too. In short, the ideal basis for this sort of project. Let’s take a look at the modifications:

The rear subframe has been removed and replaced with one we fabricated ourselves, with the aim of significantly simplifying the whole thing.

An aluminium tank from a Yamaha XT500 makes a good replacement for the original one, and is given a paint job done specially for Garage de Félix.

The engine has changed colour, along with the wheels, fitted with Continental TKC tyres, to take on a most effective satin black finish. The whole of the block has obviously been completely rebuilt.

A new electrical circuit from the MOTOGADGET catalogue, reputed for its high-quality, reliable components, has replaced the existing one, simplifying it and thereby optimizing its working.

Prior to reassembly, the frame has been given an epoxy paint finish that, quite apart from its aesthetic qualities, also increases the life of the metal, and is trimmed with brushed aluminium mudguards, to round off the elegance of the whole thing.

The RIZOMA premium accessories brand provides handlebars and indicators, complementing a great many parts from our usual suppliers.

An ingenious system of foot-rests can be added, if you so wish, to allow for the possibility of a pillion, provided for in the design of the shape and proportions of the seat, made by Vincent Bouffort seat-makers.

Just like all our projects, this Scrambler benefits from meticulous assembly, and like all one-off works, it is identified by the numbered plate that is a feature of all Garage de Félix bikes.

This is indisputably the ideal companion for getting off the beaten track…

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