Back to Scrambler !

With Patrick my dude and grand master of mecanics, we hadn't returned to our first achievements for a while. Namely the Scramblers. But when the opportunity to recover a beautiful and powerful Honda NX 650 Dominator presented itself, our reflexes for this kind of transformation came back to us in the lead. With a desire to mix two of our past creations: Boris Chambon's Dominator Tracker style Dominator and the Kawasaki 650 KLR Scrambler sauce. In other words, take the basis of the first by giving it a bit of design of the second.


The 650 Dominator base we know well and the machine that has arrived in our workshop is healthy and runs perfectly. Patrick is reassured and can start dismantling the beast piece by piece. The big bore, which has about 30,000 km, also has the right to be completely dismantled. After cleaning, segmentation, distribution chain and seals are replaced and checked before reassembly. This is enough to tackle the modifications to the frame. The entire rear part is cut to accommodate a new, much more minimalist saddle/mudguard assembly made by us. Then comes the adaptation of an XT 500 tank with displacement of the fuel valve and modification of the fasteners. Finally, the ultimate major transformation is the manufacture of new exhaust manifolds and the adaptation of an MIV silencer. The engine and frame then take over the direction of PROMETHE's workshops to receive a glossy black epoxy paint, while the swing arm and lower fork tubes retain their standard aluminium colour.


On the chassis side, we replaced the 21-inch front rim with a 19-inch model and fitted it with a Pirelli MT60 tire mount with a mixed profile that matches the machine's on road/off road duality. Brushed aluminium high front mudguard, small round headlight surrounded by micro turn signals, flat black handlebars, Motogadget controls, analog counter and tachometer reinforce the sleek appearance of its silhouette. For the final design of the seat and tank, I wanted something sober and bright that contrasts with the black of the lower part of the bike. The famous RAL 6003 khaki from our last BMW K100 inspired me and I wanted to marry it with white this time. Vincent BOUFFORT, our master saddler, offered me a beautiful brown PU for the saddle cover and the link in my mind became obvious. All I had to do was submit the design to 1PEC for the painting of the tank.


Barely finalized, this Scrambler’s Dominator has found a buyer! A biker nicknamed ‘El Organizator’ by his friends in a nod to his ability to set up beautiful trips on two wheels. By now it’s on the nice roads and trails by the banks of the river Loire that you may come across this very unique machine. Have a good ride, bella! 


Antoine FLORIO / Garage de Felix Founder & Inspirer 

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