Flat Track Baby

When we made the 125 CB Honda for this young guy called Félix, he left us a bunch of spare parts from several other CB, including two frames and three engines in boxes. A beautiful mess, but a good base to think about and built a new bike… We could have been with a similar variant, but producing twice a machine is not in the DNA of Félix Motocyclettes !


So, after the Scrambler interpretation, we had to find another concept. And this idea, I ha dit sitting at my desk looking at a photo taken in US on a shooting of the brand Iron & Resin. Two guys riding on a beach and one of them on a Tracker version of a 250 CB which I really liked… Got it !


Our second small CB was going to become a Flat Tracker… A bike stripped to the max with chrome, the simplicity of the line raised by brightness of the metal. The time to join the workshop and the project was underway. The first step was to collect all the parts for a complete engine and chassis before send them to sandblasting and rechroming.


Then Patrick took a look at the frame to only keep this essential : exit the entire airbox replace by a simple conical filter, the rear frame is reduced to its simplest expression and the seat supports are modified to support a small naked fender. After a visit to PROMOTHE to receive a black epoxy paint, the frame is ready to welcome the engine with its original exhaust extented by a Megaphone silencer.


License plate and light take place on the swing arm, while at the front, the wide chrome offfroad handlebar dominates a small headlight on a bare wheel. Last actions with the tank which receives a painting identical to the standard model year‘s one, again design by 1PEC, and the seat covers with a full grain leather by our saddler Vincent  Bouffort.


Now, all you have to do is to cruise in search of a flat track and slide in peace !

Antoine FLORIO / Garage de Felix Founder & Inspirer

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