In 1969, the CB 750 made a great impression. Not because 4 cylinders was a novelty in terms of bikes, but simply because Honda was putting this formula back on the agenda with exemplary mastery.

Encouraged by this success, Honda added to its range of smaller-engined “Four” models, spawning the CB 500 in May 1971.

Clearly made to please the greatest number of people, the CB 500 exhibits perfect consistency.

The CB 500 turns out to be easy to ride, thanks to technology that was advanced for the time, for both the engine and chassis. Honda’s design office pushed the possibilities for this 500 a long way, without attempting to systematically copy the bases of the CB 750.

- As from engine no. CB 500 1018 728, the gear and neutral locking mechanisms were modified so as to make it easier to find neutral.

From this same engine no., the clutch plates were replaced, with the aim of avoiding clutch slip. This component is under great strain because of the high torque it has to transmit.

Moreover, the clutch plates are given tangential grooves to encourage oil removal.

- As from engine no. 1 021 198, the clutch nut that used to have a steel washer is fitted with a shoulder that acts as a stop for all the clutch plates. This construction is simpler and offers reduced weight.

Our model is a K0 from April 1972 with the number CB 500 - 1030 505 incorporating all the above modifications.

When we were restoring it, we wanted to keep all its authenticity, which explains the imperfections visible on certain elements. And that’s all part of its charm…



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