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BMW often goes with Modification. The reasons are simple: BMWs have proven themselves with wonderful, robust engines and chassis parts that readily lend themselves to conversions of all kinds. Not to mention the ready availability of original or substitute parts on the market.

It’s still fairly easy to find bikes, but over the last few years prices have shot up because of increased demand.

When we were looking, we found not one, but two BMWs. As they met our expectation on all counts, we bought them both.

It has to be said that these two bikes were in irreproachable condition for their age (1979 and 1980), complete with provenance and service records. For us here at Garage de Félix, these are important elements that we obviously take into account.

In the workshop, faced with two BMW R65 in an identical colour (you couldn’t imagine better!), Patrick and I started thinking and discussing about the future of each of them. This was the very moment we set ourselves a rather daring challenge, to set about two diametrically opposed examples – on the one hand a Scrambler, and a Bobber on the other.

You’ll have guessed that this is the Scrambler version. A nod to the ’70s, with a seriously vintage look. A bike to ride around town, but also for getting out of the daily routine and venturing out onto dirt tracks – but always in style.

This bike is, so to speak, new: apart from the engine, which has been entirely rebuilt, all the rest has undergone transformations, modifications, improvements… The whole of the electrical circuit has been rebuilt and simplified. The machine has been fitted with the Motogadget system, mag wheels, Continental TKC80 mix tyres, a front disc brake from a motocross bike, a tailor-made seat, and a metallic flake painted tank for the best effect…

At the end of the day, an enormous amount of work to modify and perfect, but the end result more than justifies it. This project had given birth to a particularly original BMW, with a resolutely vintage look.

Makes you just want to turn the key and roar off into the country lanes at full throttle.


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