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You know the duality of our passion for motorcycles and motor racing. It is reflected in our Félix Helmets brand, but also in our Félix Motorcycle creations. It is at the crossroads of these two worlds that this K100-based preparation was born, largely inspired by the latest version of the Porsche GT2 RS Clubsport in its special livery in the colours of Martini Racing. A black version mixing satin and gloss with the blue and red stripes of the famous Italian aperitif brand. Simply highlighted by the bright red rims. . . .


The quintessence of German rigour combined with the freshness of Italian design and a visual identity, immediately recognizable as forever associated with its involvement in motorsport for more than half a century. Five bands that have left their mark on car racing’s history by winning the 24h of Le Mans three times in 1971, ‘76 and ‘77 with Porsche, F1 GPs with Brabham, before imposing their legend on the World Rally Championship with the Scuderia Lancia and seven world titles in the 1980s. More than a visual identity, a myth!


The common thread of this preparation was, of course, to mix the codes of these two universes. Like the silhouette of a competition car, our K100 had to be stripped to the maximum to highlight only the simplicity and unity of its bodywork. In short, like a competition car, keep the essential and only the essential! We started by completely masking the exhaust system to make it comes out in the rear part of the bike in the same way than the exhausts of a sports car’s. A goldsmith's work that required the manufacture in our workshops of a complete line, extended by a carbon silencer that fits perfectly into the axis of the machine to find its exit in the rear single-seater hull. All this is highlighted by a thin LED bar that integrates all the signalling elements. It couldn't be more refined. . . .


This minimalism also had to be found on the front part of the machine. We opted for a competition front fairing that receives a headlight and integrates perfectly, after a fine work of modifications, into the lower sides of the original tank of our K100 into continuity of the horizontal downward line found on the rear part of the machine. As for the overall finish: « black is magic »! From the matte black of the head fairing/tank/rear single-seater hull assembly, to the glossy black of the frame, engine and entire chassis, the unit is the perfect choice to accentuate the machine's compact appearance. And like its four-wheeled inspiration, only the bright red of the rims and the blue and red of the famous stripes brighten up the bike.

Antoine FLORIO / Founder and inspirer of the Felix Garage

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