BMW K100 RAL6003

BMW K100 RAL6003 (1983)

Military fantasy

Considering the success of our first preparation based on BMW K100 - the Café Racer Félix sold the day after its launch on the website! - it was difficult for us not to redo a preparation by continuing to use the rear shell that we had specially developed. All the more tempting as we also had a good number of parts in stock. However, at Félix, the rule has always been and still is never to make the same bike again. No way to reproduce a ‘sisterbike’ of this Café Racer in different shades or finishes. We had to find something new in real contrast to the first K100 which was blue/white/red in Felix colours.


This K100 produced in the 80s has an incomparable silhouette, but if I am largely influenced by English and Italian references from the automotive and motorcycle industries, I must admit I have a weakness for this German! Its tight, serrated lines, the cubic aspect of its engine and the total absence of roundness make it an incomparable base for delirium on preparations. A kind of UFO in every respect diametrically opposed to the curves of the rest of the usual motorcycle production. The cubism of its design gives it a very functional, very utilitarian, very ’military’ aspect. Military! That's the trigger word for this preparation... It is this army aspect, very stripped down, very basic, that I wanted to show up. Military fantasy...


In my imagination, its general appearance has become obvious: khaki and black highlighted with a touch of brown to reflect the codes of camo. From the RAL colour chart I chose the khaki 6003 (hence its name!) for the tank, the rear shell and the large round headlight. Everything else must be black! No chrome and dual tires to reinforce its ‘off-road vehicle’ appearance. Only the brown/khaki side bag will bring a contrast. I presented the project to Patrick who quickly found a good basis with this 1983 LT. Time to work...


As he systematically does before each preparation or restoration, Patrick has completely dismantled the flat four cylinder to give it a life and ensure that this machine will swallow the kilometres for many years to come. He then began to modify the rear part of the frame to adapt our homemade seat support in fiberglass and the side covers under the seat. As on the K100 Café Racer, this rear shell integrates under the simplicity of a horizontal line a set of lights, brake lights and LED indicators. Then it is time to manufacture the aluminium tank side covers, then to fix the removable support of the Félix bag. The battery holder is moved, the Neiman migrates under the tank and the original air filter housing is removed to make way for a cone topped by a snorkel-style housing. We're still delirious!


The original fork is lowered and reconditioned, as are the shock absorber and braking elements. Wristbands mounted with extensions optimize driving comfort. A Koso digital counter, micro turn signals under the tank and a new front fender based on the original complete the front of the machine. The usual Firestone De Luxe models are replaced by Pirelli MT 60 with a dual profile to perfect the off-road aspect of the beast. On the exhaust side, the adaptation of an absorption silencer requires the manufacture of a new manifold. Still a big painting job! Engine, frame, single swingarm, fork bottom cases, brake calipers, side seat panels, rims, take the direction of our official partner 1PEC to receive a glossy black epoxy coating, while headlight, tank and rear shell turn to the famous green RAL 6003. Finally, the specific seat is made by our master saddler Vincent Bouffort and receives a black suede leather cover with diamond shape stitched on its upper part.


At the crossroads between Café Racer and a Scrambler, this second interpretation around the K100 requires only one thing: to ride beyond the enemy lines of monotony! 

Antoine FLORIO / Fondateur et inspirateur du Garage de Felix

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