Mr Félix's bike

The old BMWs are awsome sources of inspiration! After the Bobber R65 and R80, the Scrambler R65, the temptation was obvious enough to try something around a Café Racer concept. The opportunity presented by itself when the owner of a K100 LT who had undertaken the transformation of his bike into a Café Racer decided to throw in the towel regarding the amount of work. . . The machine was in pieces and only the engine was really still assembled. At this point, he didn't know what to do with it and he contacted me and said that we might be interested in pursuing his project.


The guy was very disappointed not to go through and I felt it broke his heart. Another story of man, passion, mechanics and dreams. . . As I can’t stand broken dreams, I told him we would go through with his project and I bought the bike. The story of this transformation started like that and I would almost say "as always" with an emotional dimension!


The basis of a BMW-based conversion is to exploit the imposing appearance of the engine/tank combination. The idea is to purify the rest of the bike as much as possible. At the same time, I wanted to create a machine around the identity of Félix's Garage. The color code was then obvious: blue, white and red! Patrick, as usual, immediately understood what I want and immediately got to work. And there was a lot of work.


Starting with the rear frame, which was completely reworked and required a lot of effort to accommodate a rounded fibreglass rear shell made by us and which perfectly integrates under the simplicity of a horizontal line a LED light, brake light and turn signal unit. Beautiful! It houses single-seater seat covered with a suede leather made by our master saddler Vincent Bouffort. In its extension, the extra large tank receives a white paint from 1PEC simply underlined by our black logo and a new chrome tank cap. The blue remains. . .


The big round headlight with a yellow optic in a wink to the 70's is going to be the perfect support. The loop is closed: blue, white, red! Patrick then attacked the engine, the one and only flat four cylinder produced by the brand whose particularity is to lie horizontally with a cylinder head on the left and the lower engine on the right, to completely remake it. If we have kept the original colour for the central casings, the visible side elements that are the cylinder head and the lower engine casing have been painted in black to better blend into the frame and contrast with the immaculate white of the tank. As for the exhaust, the adaptation of an absorption silencer requires the manufacture of a new manifold.


Then the battery holder and air filter were moved to the side, the foot plates and footpegs were modified and the Neiman moved under the tank. Handlebar bracelets are placed under a Koso digital counter, the original fork is lowered, the shock absorber and brakes are reconditioned. The license plate is attached to the single swing arm and the standard wheels are fitted with a pair of Firestone De Luxe tires.


By the way, you may have asked yourself, "Why number 41?" It’s simply the year of birth of my father, Felix. The great inspiration - you will have guessed - of the raison d'être of Felix's Garage today. . .


Final result of this new project?

A very cool bike to ride.

For the rest. . . You judge!

Antoine FLORIO / Garage de Felix Founder & Inspirer 

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