Alex Pieussergues a.k.a “Last Corner”

Last Corner, you know it? Behind this pseudonym hides Alex Pieussergues. An incredibly talented French graphic designer based in Normandy who has been able to combine his two passions: motorsport and drawing.

Since its first creation for his son in February 2017, his reputation on social networks has skyrocketed to become an absolute reference among motor racing enthusiasts. Each of his illustrations is stunningly realistic! Meticulously crafted, they bring out every detail of a car for a photo-like rendering while transporting you into the world of competition with a set of details in the background.

Great art that Alex makes by the unit and on order. We can only advise you to visit his website to discover the extent of his talent and his Instagram and Facebook pages to follow his latest achievements. While we’re waiting for a very nice surprise. . .