Félix Helmets: born from auto racing, created for motorcycles

At the crossroads of two worlds, Félix Helmets is a brand new brand of motorcycle helmets designed in France and dedicated to all those looking for a unique style, passionate about the culture of motorsport. Felix helmets attract attention with their specific design directly inspired by racing helmets. An urban jet helmet, and soon a full face, a singular look and a high-end finish, magnified by exceptional graphics that refer to the greatest hours of car racing and, even more exclusively, by official licenses granted by major brands in the world of motorsport, but also legendary drivers, such as James Hunt, who trusted us to design and produce “collector” pieces. Wearing a "Félix" means knowing how to stand out and display an assumed personality without making any concessions to comfort or safety. Show your difference, assert your passions.

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Carroll Shelby, Gulf, James Hunt


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Damier, Dakar, Monte Carlo


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Fumé, Iridium, Jaune

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